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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Americans "Vanitize" Their License Plates

A recent study conducted by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) in conjunction with Stefan Lonce, the author of the upcoming book entitled "LCNS2ROM - License To Roam: Vanity License Plates And The Stories They Tell" shows that some of American and Canadian vehicle owners are fond of using personalized vanity license plates on their cars.
The top vanity plate penetration rates in the US include:

- Virginia (16.19%)
- New Hampshire (13.99%),
- Illinois (13.41%)
- Nevada (12.73%)
- Montana (9.8%)
- Maine (9.79%)
- Connecticut (8.14%)
- New Jersey (6.88%)
- North Dakota (6.51%)
- Vermont (6.11%)
- Texas (0.56%)

The highest vanity plate penetration rates in Canada include

- Ontario (4.59%)
- Saskatchewan (2.69%)
- Manitoba (1.96%)
- Yukon (1.79%)
- Northwest Territories (1.75%)
- British Columbia (0.59%)

Neil Schuster, president and CEO of AAMVA commented:
"Vehicle license plates are as common today as the vehicles on our roads. But what is uncommon is the great number of individuals who have chosen to use these plates as a form of personal expression. I invite Americans and Canadians to witness the examples of personal expression on vanity plates not only in LCNS2ROM, but also on the streets and highways. Each vanity plate tells a unique story, known only by the vehicle's owner, which remains a mystery for others to decode."

Stefan Lonce concluded:
"When I began working on LCNS2ROM, I was amazed to learn that no one knew how many Americans and Canadians have chosen to 'vanitize,' which means 'to embellish a motor vehicle with vanity license plates'. Vanity plates are minimalist poetry in motion. Vanity plates are powerful message platforms that allow motorists to tell compelling or funny stories in eight or fewer characters. And vanity plates are fun."

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